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Tom Riddle's book and the Basilisk tooth by DionysianDesigns

75+ Harry Potter Jewelery Pieces To Show That You’re Still Waiting For Your Hogwarts Letter

Unless you're a real Harry Potter fan, stop reading right now, because this list of Harry Potter themed jewelry and accessories are imbued with magical properties that only Potterheads will get. When you hear "Hogwarts," do you think of dermatology? Do you think that "Muggle" is a transitive verb meaning "to rob gently?" If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then STOP READING NOW.

Harry Potter Basilisk Fang Recreation Replica Chamber of Secrets Snake Tooth

This is a re-creation of the basilisk fang from Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets you can order it with or without the blood stain from

HARRY POTTER Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter slytherin door Door Snake Journal polymer clay book Horcrux collection book OOAK basilisk tooth