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l_i5U8good-morning-my-love-coffee-cup-mug-gift-husband-wife.jpg (250×249)

I wish I had another lifetime to be with him! I want more time to love him! Making memories and treasuring every day.....with Mike!♥♥♥

Love My Husband

I love my husband and my bestfriend! You can make me happy when I am sad!Some people are just jealous cause they don't have a real man.

You just dont know it

This just doesn't go for my husband. It also goes to my best friends & my son. They all are my happy place & they mean the entire world to me.


Imagine, Believe, Achieve Photo: Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might. This Photo was uploaded by JessBby.

funny love quote

"I love you with all my boobs. I would say heart, but my boobs are bigger." Funny Love Quotes For The People Who Can Handle A Joke

10 years ago today we started the beginnings of a life together

If I had my life to live over again. Next time I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer.

Something different

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