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I am not a furry, but we need to all keep this in mind. Actually learn what the fandom is before you judge it.

Furries Furry Fandom Also, furries can be on four legs as well. It's called feral

Not Quite Houdini by Culpeo-Fox.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Remember when i broke my arm back then? Well, it's Skia now who slashed her thumb, so a proper answer to her glorious comic was inevitable (although Sin. Not Quite Houdini

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For the brothers and sisters who feel lost, you are never lost, but always at home with us.The furries are here for the comunity, not for ourselves.

Always protect the smol healer.

today i was up against a team of 5 roadhogs and lucio and at the end of the match the lucio just said "sometimes a family is five dads and one musical frog son" and it was Pure i'm not even upset we lost to em


Headshot Commission for KrisPup at Fur Affinity Thanks for commissioning!

Yee Chong

Kouta Wolf by DreamVisionCreations -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


((Open RP)) She jumped on Shade's back, laughing. She puted her paws on his hand. Shade put her on the grownd, growling: "I'm not your boyfriend! She looked at him, smiling.

Kind of chibi version of furries

i don't want to leave you again but now you have left me forever and now i am so scared cuz you have hurt me so dame bad and so i don't miss anyone less but you?