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I can't deny how much I like these guys

Big bang theory guys as female superheroes ROFL.funniest guys on TV.and LOVE their girlfriends Penney, Bernadette and Amy


Who doesnt love Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and his catch phrase BaZnGa. These necklaces are inspired by the periodic table elements being used as

The Big Bang Theory Clue....someone needs to get me this for christmas!!!!!!!!!!  Not kidding, I will probably be like a 5 year old child if I open this on christmas day!!!

The Big Bang Theory Clue

This is a Big Bang Theory Clue Board Game perfect for a BBT fan. This is a clever version of the well known board game of clue, except a.

Amy and Sheldon’s hobbies | Community Post: 41 Laughs We Got From "The Big Bang Theory"

41 Laughs We Got From "The Big Bang Theory"

" Amy, we're playing doctor star trek style" Sheldon, "I'm in he'll, Leonard".

If you are gonna insult someone, that's the way to do it lol

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 81 Pics.loved watching this episode of TBBT

The Big Bang Theory Intro, Frame By Frame | images.duelos.net

The Big Bang Theory - Intro frame by frame Awesome! I've always wondered exactly what each and every frame was. Interesting that it's not in chronological order.

Softy Kitty...

Big Bang Theory Soft kitty Warm kitty Little ball of fur Happy kitty Sleepy kitty purr, purr, purr

The cast of The Big Bang Theory as the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Mayim should have been Janet...

Funny pictures about Big Bang Theory cast as Rocky Horror. Oh, and cool pics about Big Bang Theory cast as Rocky Horror. Also, Big Bang Theory cast as Rocky Horror.