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frog face

14 Examples of Hilariously Perfect Timing

Animals, which will bring a smile on your face ANIMAL JOKES There are five cows on a farm, one mamma cow and four baby calves. The first baby walks up […]

^.\\\^ maybe some "my little bunny" hair beads and barrettes will cheer up emo bunny?

Emo bunny

Emo Bunny is going to put on his skinny jeans and play guitar in the garage. Emo Bun doesn’t expect you fascists to understand his art. Emo Bun is destined to travel through the misty and cold fog of existence alone and cold. Life is hard for Emo Bun.


The look on this poor dog’s face makes me laugh every time I see this photo. I hope he at least got his favorite dog treat after this tracking job was completed.

The great escape...

30 Funny animal captions - part 13 pics), animal pictures with captions, funny memes

rainbow landscape - Google Search

Go Home You're Drunk Meme hahaha! I probably shouldn't find this funny but I do

30 Unintentionally Hilarious Political Signs - Urlesque  I laughed so hard at these honkeys.

Make English America's offical Language! A moron with a marker.


I love this little guy's optimism. From now on when things get tough I will BE THE TURTLE! Turn it upside down and try to make it better!