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Wren - photo by Izzy Standbridge

Wren On A Stick Greeting Card

Wren On A Stick Greeting Card for Sale by Izzy Standbridge

Baby leaf monkey (silvery langur) .  Silvered+langoer+by+cRomoZone.deviantart.com+on+@deviantART

Baby Silver Langur monkeys are born orange in color, then turn to a dark gray color as they age. The cutest monkey EVER!

Sacred Kingfisher, Geometric illustration, Bird print, Original illustration by tinykiwi prints

Girls Pink Polka Dot Party Invitation Set (10)

I thought that this geometric approach added a nice level of modernity to zoological illustrations- making it not feel as if the animal was already extinct with the bold, bright and very alive colours.

ma maman

Lovely Mother and Baby Snow Monkeys all animals feel love, pain and cruelty every human and animal deserves resepect and baby Animals


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Pet room/ bird-room.jpg (400×300)

Outdoor aviary for parrots. Wire-enclosed rear patio made perfect for the birdies.

Flying Fox tree is my favorite kind of tree!:)

bat tree: flying foxes in sydney central, sydney, nsw, australia


red-crested turaco tauraco erythrolophus restricted to africa only birds to possess true red and green color and have outer mobile toes