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British Stamp 2000 - 45p, Bather (Bath Spa Project) from Millennium Projects (10th Series). 'Body and Bone' (2000)

150th Anniversary of Kew Gardens 34p Stamp (1990) Willow Tree and Palm House

Millennium Series. The Patients's Tale 43p Stamp (1999) Penicillin Mould (Fleming's discovery of penicillin)

Christmas. Angels 20p Stamp (1998) Angel with Hands raised in Blessing

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British Stamp 2009 - Royal Navy Military Uniforms Captain 1941

Millennium Series. The Travellers' Tale 43p Stamp (1999) Victorian Railway Station (Growth of public transport)

Millennium Series. The Travellers' Tale 63p Stamp (1999) Captain Cook and Maori (Captain Cook's voyages)

Butterflies 18p Stamp (1981) Maculinea arion