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Pompei, riapre il 20 marzo Villa dei Misteri

Pompei, riapre il 20 marzo Villa dei Misteri

No love for the classics..

Back in my day, a skeleton priest at the bottom of a well would be a big thing.Not anymore, I guess. World's moved on to brighter, flashier skeletons.

Painting from Pompej Pompeii Maler c. 60 BCE Villa dei Misteri a Pompei. Pay attention to the sun-symbols.Tidlig kunst fra Pompeii, legg merke til borden med solsymboler.

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ Roman Fresco -- Depicting the reading of the rituals of the bridal mysteries. Excavated from 'The Villa of Mysteries' at Pompeii.

Villa of Mysteries, which was destroyed in AD 79 by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, is a Unesco World Heritage Site and its neglect left Italy at risk of losing EU funding

The crown jewel of the ancient city of Pompeii restored

#Pompeii  --  Roman Fresco  --  Excavated from the 'Villa of the Mysteries' at Pompeii.

Roman fresco Villa dei Misteri Pompeii 009 - Roman art - Fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries.

Hercules as a baby strangling the snakes.  House of the Vettii.  Pompeii, Italy.  1st century A.D.

Hercules (Heracles) as a baby strangling the snakes, Roman fresco, century AD (House of the Vettii, Pompeii).