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The under world!!!  Give me a rope and raft, I'm going down...let me go!!!...I gotta see what's down there!!!...let go of me!!!............

Chalk Art, West Dock, England photo and art by edgar mueller Illusions Street Art 1 Street art Amazing Art Collection

“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don't come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they're having a piss.”  ~Banksy

New street art from Banksy on Clipstone Street, Fitzrovia, London. “If graffiti changed anything it would be illegal”

03032 2015-09-22 Starfighter CNB15 Pandora+

Artist Christina Angelina Aka StarfighterA, "Three-Headed Irish News’s"

Only in @visitmelbourne will you find a scene like this! #Melbourne is known as one of the world's greatest street art capitals - all over the city you'll find kaleidoscopic splashes of colour. Some of the popular spots to find street art include Hosier Lane (pictured) Union Lane and 21 Degraves Street - or you can take a guided tour with @blenderstudios. And in case you were wondering the @cityofmelbourne has made street art completely legal on designated public spaces in the spirit of…

Melbourne is known for its street art: Hosier Lane (pictured) Union Lane and 21 Degraves Street - Street art is completely legal on designated public spaces

Ads of the Week | Street Art | Guerrilla Media | Zulu Creative

70 Amazing Examples of Street Art

Weapon of choice... or a tool for Artistic expression. l believe it's both SkullyBloodrider 6.3.2017.

Develop project in which students utilize the media as the "canvas". Weapon of choice. or a tool for Artistic expression.

ill never quit on this love for Amber. It has destroyed me but I'm still here. Friendship. My dream!!

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Banksy street art – destroy racizm - panda Poster - EuroPosters

Banksy street art – destroy racism - could MBW make this shit