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Exactly!! Owning my sexuality is completely different from sexual harassment.

"If you are going to condemn Trump for his words over a decade ago you better condemn Bill Clinton for being a rapist and HILLARY for intimidating HIS VICTIMS.

Brown, socialist, rebel, nonviolent.  Jesus.  Some surely would not accept him.  Namely, the powerful.

Radical Republican haters should be embarrassed by how far they have wandered from the message of Jesus to help the needy and love our enemies.

Straight for LGBT Rights

Quotes To Inspire - 'Giving Someone Else Equal Rights Does Not Infringe Or Take Away Rights From You. It Just Makes It Illegal To Enforce Your Prejudice & Hate. It's That Simple'

Yes, and we have to take the unwanted and expensive healthcare.

I get private insurance…. Obamacare is for you peasants. Nancy Pelosi, the lying lib from SF, CA.

So the question is ... What have we done to ensure these pointless deaths don't occur again? NOT A DAMN THING! As long as a few can make a profit by cutting corners and taking advantage of other people without repercussions, innocent people will suffer and die to maintain a profit.

In 2016 remember: Republicans defend the capitalism must be UNREGULATED.

Well, *your* America must be a very, very small place, then, Cruz. ;)  #ted cruz #fascism

The Constitution of the United States of America does not mention Atheists or Gays I can promise you that. Read The Constitution, people.