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Often times, the media alters images and gives people false impressions of others. Remember that you are you and however you look, it is beautiful.

At least Trump has asked these racial attacks to stop, but maybe if he hadn't encouraged them with racist comments it wouldn't have got this bad.

TV: To-Misinform you. Influence you to purchase & use products. Provide you with politically correct opinions. Tell you to improve your looks. Overstate the importance of money & success. Divert you with sports & mindless fluff. Summon you to the altar of celebrity worship. Teach your children about sex. All while you think you're just being entertained. It's ALL Lies!

No, the saddest thing is when another parent says they feel so sad that the parents of the trans kid have to go through that. I've heard someone say that with my own ears. "It must be such a struggle for them"