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Visions of Ecstasy

David Bowie as Pontius Pilate, 1988....David Bowie - in the role of Pontius Pilate in The Last Temptation of Christ, directed by Martin Scorsese, released, 1988

Still: American Silent Motion Picture Photography - in pictures

Are You Ready For Beetlejuice 2?

Young rebellious females feature a lot in Tim Burtons films, one example is Lydia from Beetlejuice. I am especially drawn in by her makeup, as, like many of Burtons characters features heavy bags under the eyes.

The Blade Runner sequel will not include Sean Young at its own peril

Page 1 of 4 - Hottest female in any given movie - posted in The Tailgate: Whos got your vote? For some reason Doc in Roadhouse gets me every time.