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Happy Hump Day! Love, Jax Teller’s Bare Ass (NSFW-ish)

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Taking It Off: A Semi-NSFW Guide For Men On How To Dress And Undress For Maximum Sex Appeal (In GIFs)

Taking It Off: A Guide For Men On How To Undress For Maximum Sex Appeal

(Long imaginary story about hooking up with a girl you hate) "She'll get knocked up join the yummy mummy brigade that tote their children to high class coffee shops then eventually divorce when her fitness trainer husband starts banging his clients." [9085 7345 on r/BestOf gilded x2]

Every Single “Magic Mike” GIF Worth Drooling Over (NSFW)

In honor of the movie that every woman and gay man with a pulse will be masturbating to come Friday — and what at least one critic has called "The 'Citizen Kane' of stripper movies" — I have scoured the internet and assembled all the "Magic Mike" GIFs worth drooling over. Behold, bare asses, pelvic thrusts, grinding hips, T-shirts being ripped off, and other various states of the hot cast undressed. (Duh, NSFW.) You are so fucking welcome.

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