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Easy Party Hairstyle Ideas - Standing out from the crowd doesn't necessarily mean complicated hairstyles that require time, skills and lots of tools and products in order to achieve them at home. This holiday season, opt instead for easy hairstyle ideas that look great for special occasions. Take a peek and get inspired!

Celebrity Hairstyles Long or Short: A Good Look On You? #celebrity_hairstyles #different_hairstyles #layered_haircuts

25 Step By Step Tutorial For Beautiful Hair Updos

The Internet is full of really gorgeous updo tutorials, but not all of them are feasible for the average woman. If your styling skills aren’t where you’d like them to be or you don’t have a lot of time, attempting complex styles may lead to frustration. I’ve scoured the Internet and found 25 really easy …

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The SkeinMate Series - Duo Model - New From Chetnanigans

THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL AFTER JANUARY 1ST DUE TO HEAVY SEASONAL VOLUME & DESIGN COMPLEXITY. The Duo SkeinMate - New From Chetnanigans! Holly was crocheting a Temperature Blanket and asked if I might build her a box that would hold a few skeins of yarn. Initially, I declined thinking that a red oak box to hold yarn wasnt very efficient. Then we had a few customers ask for the same thing, and the SkeinMate Series was born! The SkeinMate Series is comprised of a Quad (holds…

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