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The Enigma Machine, used by the Germans to encrypt and decrypt all sorts of messages during World War Two. With millions of possible rotor combinations, the Germans were convinced their codes would never be broken. However, the combined Anglo-American team of code breakers at Bletchley Park, along with the help of the world's first computer (called "Colussus"), eventually cracked it and were reading German message traffic in near-real time.

Dutch girls write slogans and messages for friends and relatives in other towns, on tanks after the liberation of Breda by the 1st Polish Armoured Division. November 1944. At this time there was almost no contact between cities and towns. Many civilians would write messages on the tanks of their liberators, knowing that these tanks would move on and hoping that their friends or relatives would see the messages. On the tank you can see names, addresses and "Alles goed" (everything is…