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Walking with a Friend Through the Loss of a Child

I wrote this letter at the end of a heart wrenching time for Craig and me. We had spent two years trying to adopt a child internationally, and we were rejected repeatedly by agencies because I’m a recovering alcoholic.

Why do Teenagers Rebel? Thoughts from a 19-Year-Old Who Didn't

Why Do Teenagers Rebel? A 19-year-old explains how it doesn't HAVE to happen!

Boys Are Awesome And How to Love Them

Boys are awesome! There's so much to appreciate in our sons and something to know about loving them. Some really GREAT advice here - from a mom who knows!

Parent or not. Everyone should read this...

What Every Daughter Desires to Hear from Her Mom

What does every daughter long to hear from her mom? Here's a beautiful list for all of you women who were perfectly made to be the moms of your precious daughters! What Every Daughter Desires to Hear from Her Mom ~ Club31Women

Last week I told my therapist that even though I’m too busy, I continue to say yes to new responsibilities. In my head, I mean nope - but I say okay, because I feel on the spot. I panic. Every time. She and I talked about how in the absence of a plan, even intelligent humans don’t know what to...

I parented like Molly Weasley for a week, and here's what happened

What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

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