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SIGHTS. Stiftkirche St. Peter (collegiate Church Of St. Peter). The most sumptuous church in Salzburg, St. Peter's is where Mozart's famed Great Mass in C Minor premiered in 1783, with his wife, Constanze, singing the lead soprano role. Wolfgang directed the orchestra and choir and also played the organ. During e

SIGHTS. St. Peter's Cemetery. The eerie but intimate Petersfriedhof, or St. Peter's Cemetery, is the oldest Christian graveyard in Austria, in the present condition dating back to 1627. Enclosed on three sides by elegant wrought-iron grilles, Baroque arcades contain chapels belon

Mozart Week. Concerts are held in the Large Hall of the Mozarteum, at the House for Mozart, in the Large Festival Hall and at the Mozarteum University's Solitär.

Salzburg Festival. The two Salzburg Festival Halls (Festspielhaus and Haus für Mozart) and the Felsenreitschule are the main stages for the world-famous Salzburg Festival, which attracts the rich and beautiful from all countries during summer and Easter and transforms Salzburg into "the stage of the World".

Salzburg Festival. The world's first international music festival, the Salzburg Festival, continued its over 90-year history of producing and presenting great orchestras, soloists, opera, and theatre in the historic and picturesque Austrian town where Mozart was born.

SIGHTS. Grünberg. From beyond the railroad station, a 12-minute cable-car ride brings you to the top of the Grünberg. From here you will have a superb view over the Traunsee, with the Dachstein glacier forming the backdrop in the south. In winter there are good ski ru

SIGHTS. Wasserspiele Hellbrunn. With grottoes, fountains, floating sculptures and sudden spouts of water from behind bushes or trees, the Wasserspiele is a fine example of the baroque fondness for extravagance.

SIGHTS. Festspielhaus. Designed by Wolf Dietrich and built in 1607, this festival hall was once the court stables. Today it's the center for the major musical events of Salzburg, its cultural activity peaking during the August festival. The modern hall seats 2,300 spectato