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Joan of Navarre (~1370 - June 10, 1437) Queen consort to: Henry IV (Bolingbroke) (1366-1413, ruled 1399-1413), son of John of Gaunt   Married: February 7, 1403   Coronation: February 26, 1403

Who Were the Queens of England from the Houses of York and Lancaster?

Lancaster and York Queens of England by marriage: consorts of Lancaster and York kings of England.

Anne von Kleve by marasop on deviantART, fourth wife of Henry VIII

Anne was the wife of Henry VIII, but was married only six months, and even so the marriage was consummated. The king disliked her so much who could .

Queen Jane Seymour- Third wife of King Henry VIII, and the only Queen to bear him a male heir, Edward VI. Jane died shortly after her son was born.

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Queen Jane Seymour for fans of Tudor History images.

Artistas recriam personagem históricos com visual moderno - Henrique 8º

Artistas recriam personagem históricos com visual moderno

In a fun ‘what-if’ twist, History TV channel Yesterday recently worked with a bunch of digital artists to give famous historical figures a mak

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King Henry VIII

"Don't YOU know that I can drag you down, as quickly as I raised you?

Resultado de imagen para vestuario serie los tudor

Resultado de imagen para vestuario serie los tudor

1999 Wives of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn 2

1999 Wives of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn 2

49. A pesar de lo personal que había sido el traje español en el siglo XVI, sí que tomó ciertos detalles de las modas extranjeras. Hacia finales del siglo, solicitó de Venecia y Alemania artículos de mercería, joyas y peines de Francia, lencería fina de Flandes, terciopelo de Italia e hilo de oro de Milán. Su influjo sobre el traje europeo empieza a declinar desde entonces, al contrario que el traje holandés que consolida su marcha ascendente, al igual que el traje francés.

Jane Seymour, by Hans Holbein the younger. She is wearing the same gabel hood and necklace that her predecessor, Anne Boleyn, wore in The Moost Happi portrait medal.

HENRI IV, ROI DE FRANCE ET DE NAVARRE (1553-1610)anonyme. Франция.100 H; 64 L.Paris (lieu de provenance).История:provient du palais royal.Versailles; musée national des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon.

François Bunel the Younger Henri IV as a Child, at Age during his stay in Paris with his parents in while Prince of Navarra Château de Versailles: