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very grumpy and lonely. no mate or kits. flyingbirds sister Tanya. refused to come to nightclan so shes still a rouge. hates patchpelt because flyingbird would have stayed a rouge with Tanya if it wasn't for patchpelt! thought she would hate their kits too but when she meets willowpaw dapplepaw greypaw and dustpaw an unlikely bond is shred between the mangy old rouge and the four kits. when her rouge home is invaded she has to come to nightclan and finds she actually likes it

i got grounded for beating my mom in monopoly the first time i ever played thanks mom<<<IS THAT ALFIE??? WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS VIDEO BEFORE??<<SAME HUR


The cutest moment multiplied for two…

Awww! My sister had two sister cats that did the same thing, they took care of each others babies ~~~The cutest moment multiplied for two…

furry friend. My furry friend is cheddar my ginger Tom cat . He used to have a sister who was my other furry friend... but she was put down because she had cancer in her stomach. I think cheddar sometimes feels lost with out her.