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This is how cats bond. They sleep and cuddle. Calvin and Hobbs

very grumpy and lonely. no mate or kits. flyingbirds sister Tanya. refused to come to nightclan so shes still a rouge. hates patchpelt because flyingbird would have stayed a rouge with Tanya if it wasn't for patchpelt! thought she would hate their kits too but when she meets willowpaw dapplepaw greypaw and dustpaw an unlikely bond is shred between the mangy old rouge and the four kits. when her rouge home is invaded she has to come to nightclan and finds she actually likes it

Awww! My sister had two sister cats that did the same thing, they took care of each others babies ~~~The cutest moment multiplied for two…

This missing cat

** This cat did what is called profesionally 'psi-trailing.' Hope his humans took him to the vet after his journey of love and endurance.

Hi please can you share our cat,my son’s cat has gone missing. My son has cerebral palsy and the cat and him have a strong bond,it’s very rare the cat leaves him. He’s been missing since January the 1st from the Llansamlet area of Swansea, his sister is grieving badly and now stopped eating.

Ahsoka Tano at different ages. The first one's adorable, and the last one looks like a cat, but thats just my opinion....