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Guns do 3 things. They function, they fail and they rust. Violence is from the heart. Speak softly, but carry a big stick.

I´m tired of the culture of violence perpetuated by our gun control laws in the U.S. How about you?

Anti-Gun Memes and Cartoons

A collection of funny and poignant memes and cartoons addressing the issues of gun control, gun violence, and the Second Amendment.

11 Year Old Writes Heart Wrenching Letter: “Why Gun Free Zones Violate My Right To Be Protected”  Posted By Lorri Anderson on Jan 27>>>>

Even if no one had guns, people could attack schools with knives, bats, and other weapons. Armed staff could deter people with any kind of weapon .

We as a country need to address the real issue of mental health and other issues!

Evil does not exist within a gun. It exists in the minds and hearts of those who pull the trigger for evil purposes. Therefore gun control is not the answer to preventing mass killings.

Government vs. people…

Government vs. people…

perruh: soul-assassins: smokinthefurrr: The people should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of their people. Holy fucking shit is this relevant. This needs 1 million notes this was in turkey, in june 2013

The words of a young Purple Heart Veteran on Gun Control.......

The words of a young Purple Heart Veteran on Gun Control.

Pokemon in the style of Tim Burton

You poked my heart argumentative essays My poked argumentative essays heart You College admission essay format template xml essay for common application 2014 form argumentative essay outline on gun control.

Children with guns…Somalia and Texas. Is this the country we want?!?

Well, This Explains Gun Nuts - Distrusting People Are Dumber

Are you stupid or something?

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun! Banning guns isn't gonna work the bad guys are okay with doing something illegal and having an illegal weapon! Saying a gun kills people, is like saying spoons make people fat.

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Spread the word by sharing a poster and showing the world how much you care about stopping gun violence!

Fewer Guns = Fewer Bad Guys with Guns by Jessica Honikman


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This is what the gun control laws have done for Australia. Do we really need to let our children be targets? Their right to live far exceeds the right for a gun nut to have an assault rifle.

In 1996, Australia Enacted Strict Gun Laws. It Hasn't Had a Mass Shooting Since.

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