Eyes wide open

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It said "VW Camper concept powered by custom chopper motorcycle by Amen Design & Engineering." I don't know of any motorcycle engine with enough power to push this big thing around. Looks like something the Shredder r Darth Vader would own.


unique skull hood ornament with pinstripes .Brought to you by Agents at in Eugene, Or.

Form Trends

Buggy concept by College for Creative Studies graduate Darby Barber.

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I would love to take a ride on this open cockpit hot rod! Not a trike, but close

Cool ride

Many people struggle with shopping for a new car. It may because you don't know want to search for in a potential car. Tips And Tricks For People Shopping For A Car.


Exile Trike - Russell Mitchell is trying REALLY hard to be Billy Idol in this picture.

specialcar:  Volksrod

I live these Volksrods out of older bugs. Makes me want to get back into building custom cars and motorcycles sport cars cars vs lamborghini cars sports cars

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motoringexposure: hot rod The Milton Motors 79 Coupe by Lugnegård Design.

Eyes wide open

earthman's actual ratrod foto thread - Page 107 - Undead Sleds - Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Beaters & Bikes.