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Camelot.gif (545×285)

Camelot.gif (545×285)

Avalon Camelot King Arthur: "Excalibur," by *Erulian, at deviantART.  "In those old days, one summer noon, an arm  Rose up from out the bosom of the lake,  Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful,  Holding the sword--and how I row'd across  And took it, and have worn it, like a king". ~  Lord Alfred Tennyson

Avalon Camelot King Arthur: "Excalibur," by *Erulian, at deviantART.

CAMELOT ~ Camelot was a fictitious city first named as Arthur's principal home some time in the 12th century. John Leland, in 1542, claimed Cadbury Castle was the "real" Camelot. Cadbury was the head quarters for a 5th century king. Its west country location gives it credibility as the original Camelot.    Camelot is a dream city, a "chivalric Utopia" Arthur's personal capital from whence he doles out justice, hosts grand feasts, and makes brave knights.

Camelot: Perhaps the most mentioned mythical place, the city capital of Arthurian legends is the middle age version of the paradise. Here all that is good, righteous and true is considered natural and the truth and valor prevail no matter what.

Myrddin & Merlin: A Guide to the Early Evolution of the Merlin Legend - http://www.arthuriana.co.uk/n&q/myrddin.htm

Myrddin & Merlin: A Guide to the Early Evolution of the Merlin Legend

Maiden Exemplar - Heroes of Camelot Wiki

Maiden Exemplar

(Older) Maeve Renaud, knight of the round table. Heir to King Arthur and future Queen of Camelot. Visit the artist!

Image detail for -He is my knight - artist John Williams Waterhouse

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I have always loved this painting and the others in his series. I love this time period in history. It's my favorite! Edmund Blair Leighton’s ‘The Accolade’ - Pre Raphaelite Art

•♥¸¸✞✿Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur, sometimes attributed with magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain. Sometimes Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone (the proof of Arthur's lineage) are said to be the same weapon, but in most versions they are considered separate. The sword was associated with the Arthurian legend very early. In Welsh, the sword is called Caledfwlch.•♥¸¸✞✿

Avalon Camelot King Arthur: The Sword in the Stone. The technology of sword making required knowledge of pouring iron into a stone mold. It was passed between tribes and eventually the story took on the image we see today.