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Jonny. Good Friend. Good Person

Cute couples makes my heart melt! I would love to have my boy snuggle up and make me burst into giggles! (He HAS to have a great sense of humour) I love boys with a good sense of humour I think it makes them 10 times attractive!

Never a lip is curved with pain that can’t be kissed into smiles again.  Bret Harte

Love is kissing her forehead. Forehead is her second favorite place for kiss. She will feel respected, loved and safe at the same time. A kiss in forehead in the morning will bring you a good day.

Kiss me gelhu

22 y te seguire amando por mil años mas. te tenga o no. te sere fiel valga o no.te adorare, te importe o no .

p i n t e r e s t // @calliegracec

Cozy in our wales hotel room together and forever // couples goals // love you like mad // finally alone

beso frente

20 Detalles que me encantaría que mi novio tuviera conmigo

Relationship Goal

Relationship Goal- praise Jesus for this beautiful act of devotion and submission with our God intended partner!


( open RP im the girl need a boy )I was wlking with my best friend. And I just don't know what happen. how can som thing so wrong feel so right?

I heard a song once… one that rose with such subtle tones… note on note was a different hue and shade that colored my mind in light… And how I wish I could hear your laughter again… xo

Making you laugh and smile was always my favorite thing. Seeing you smile was like watching the Sunrise.

Yes the shine of stars the light all the things seems to be a perfect dream.... just dreamy girl

and that's who I am. I love laying on the ground looking at that endless abyss, with just the gravity of earth holding me down.