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Frodo Baggins loves KFC, he truly is the lord of the wings. This is a funny Lord Of The Rings picture about how much Frodo loves fried chicken.

36 Of The Funniest Pics Ever

36 Of The Funniest Pics Ever

This little boy is eating his pretzel like Gollum would obsess with his precious.

And my friend thought I was crazy when I said Gollum/Sméagol looked scarily adorable in "The Hobbit." AT LEAST LEGOLAS AGREES WITH ME.

LOL i litterally fell out of my chair i was laughing so hard at Legolas's face!

LOTR on Instagram. This is preeeeciouuuuus. XD

LOTR on Instagram

I'm actually not breathing I'm in the middle of class and I'm trying not to snort

I literally burst out laughing. Not even joking. This is scary and this is funny. Oh man. her face. >:} - I seriously had to make a new board for funny things. I found this SO funny

Know the difference of Trio [FIX]

Know the difference of Trio [FIX]

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli beat those others any day! (Harry potter trio is the next best thing though )