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Steven universe art

It's so sweet that Pearl cares so much. Someday Steven will definitely love and appreciate her even more than he does now.

katietheslayer:  OKAY, THIS IS THE LAST I’LL DRAW OF TEEN STEVEN AND CONNIE….FOR NOW. I PROMISE. I REALLY need to get to the other things I need to finish. I JUST REALLY NEEDED TO GET THIS OFF MY CHEST///// I was listening to the song “Oh It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye while I drew this AND I JUST. IT’S SO CUTE AND HAPPY ////////. Also! Somebody made a Connverse mix on 8tracks, WHICH MAKES ME FE

Teen steven and connie. I think steven will grow with Connie and they will be together forever and have children and be the best couple in the world the end.

We are the Crystal Gems by AliciaStopIt

We are the Crystal Gems/ Garnet, Pearl, Steven, Amethyst/ Steven Universe