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Portrait Photography Techniques Using Dramatic High-Contrast Lighting

"And then we begin to act and behave in ways, consciously or unconsciously, that will leave others with the thoughts, feelings, and impressions we believe will bring us their love, respect, or pity - until that one day when the walls come crumbling down." - Debbie Ford, The Shadow Effect

Chiaroscuro -use of contrast between light and dark- photography

I like the side/rim lighting in this image and how the front of the model is lit and the back of it is in complete darkness.

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Studio Lighting Tutorial - Rim Lights & Color Gels

Dublin Portrait and Fashion Photography - Studio Lighting Tutorial - Rim Light & Color Gels

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I like the fact that it's shadow but dislike the fact that it's so dark and hardly got any light.

Profile / brilliant use of light & shadow by Freek Bekaert. It is a photograph, but should be a drawing!