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Milady (C.Russell) 01/21/1981 (4228) Double pink star/lavender fantasy. Plain, girl foliage. Semiminiature. Полуминиатюра. Махровые лилово-розовые звезды с более темными лавандовыми фэнтази горошинами и штрихами на высоких цветоносах. Восхитительная темно-зеленая ложковидная гел-листва, круглая миниатюрная розеточка.

African violet - Old-Fashioned Love - A splendid variety in which the flower and foliage really compliment each other. The double stars of soft fuchsia have a slightly lighter, fringed edge. The standard foliage is dark green and heavily variegated on the petal edges with beige and rose. AVSA Reg. #9180 (LLG)

African violet - Christmas Glitter - Huge, rounded semidouble and double stars of light pink are covered in streaks, splashes & flecks of deep red glitter and random blue fantasy markings. The blossoms are strongly held above lovely show foliage, flocked in white variegation upon medium green. AVSA Reg. #8505 (LLG)

African violet - Cupid's Jewel - An excellent bloomer which forms a perfect bouquet of pale plum, semidouble and double stars. The semiminiature flowers also boast of a darker shade of plum in the eye of each flower. The medium green, serrated foliage shapes nicely and is quilted. AVSA Reg. #9520 (LLG)

African violet - Music Box Dancer - Enormous, semidouble and double stars are dressed in rose pink, fading out to wide halos of white. A spectacular, standard size grower, this variety is skirted in medium green, quilted foliage. AVSA Reg. #9937 (LLG)

Kentucky Gooseberries. • D. Rollins. • DAVS 1602 • Semi miniature. • Double white star with light pink blush. • Medium green, serrated foliage.

EK-Volshebnitsa Vesna (ЕК-Волшебница Весна) ("Fairy Spring" | (Korshunov) Huge semidouble-double stars with wavy petals; white and pink with an orchid eye. Produces large bouquet on deep green leaves. Large standard. (Russian/Ukrainian) African Violet.

LE-Sashen'ka (ЛЕ-Сашенька) "Sasha" | (Lebetskaya) Very large wavy ruffled double stars with darker pink eye, variable peach/yellow blush. Slightly wavy dark green foliage. Standard. (Russian/Ukrainian) African Violet.

Grape Glory-Semidouble and double stars of dark blue, with lavender fantasy streaking. A nice geneva edge accents the flower. The medium green, standard foliage is quilted and serrated. AVSA Reg. #10531 (LLG)