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Buckeye Seductress - 07/13/2006 (P. Hancock) Double dark lavender star/wide white band, green edge. Variegated medium green and cream, plain. Large

EC-The White Queen (She) (ЕК-Белая Королева / (Коршунова)) - Huge (7 cm) semi-double and double wavy rounded white, very beautiful stars. The sharp green leaves.

Kei-Yoki - (7810) 10/03/1992 (Horikoshi/Shinohara) Semidouble-double white and blue frilled star/variable green edge. Medium green, quilted, glossy, wavy/red back. Large - Source: Purchase: Rocky C Ranch (eBay) 8.28.13 - Plantlets

Bridal Bouquet - Double stars of coral, heavily marked with blue fantasy dots and dashes, and blue center stripes. The flower also has a darker coral eye. This compact growing standard has dark green, red backed, plain foliage. I already commented I REALLY want one. (tbb)