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Της Ματίνας Σταθάκη Ξυπνάς ένα πρωί και συνειδητοποιείς πως όλα πήγαν στραβά. Όλα καταστράφηκαν. Αλλιώς τα είχες προγραμματίσει και αλλιώς σου βγήκαν. Όλα γκρεμίστηκαν. Και εκεί, κάπου ανάμεσα στα μπάζα της ζωής σου βλέπεις ένα όνειρο ισοπεδωμένο. Μην μασάς. Να σου πω ένα μυστικό; Δεν καταστράφηκαν όλα. Εκείνο το όνειρο μόνο καταστράφηκε. Ναι ξέρω. Πονάει [...]

I hate this! Is there a pattern to the numbers and I just haven't stared at it for long enough? Or is it seriously just random? The site says 'I slowly fade into the dark; the sun is gone, the day; the world is gone.' —Douglas Newton, from “Landscapes of Night and Day” Photography Credit Nom Pourflickr THERE NEEDS TO BE A PATTERN!!


Magazine - Ryan McGinness Explores #metadata

We are really enjoying the oil paintings of Cesar Biojo this morning, a mixture of realism and dream-like sequencing that is pretty great to take in....

Now imagine if this was your view - English countryside #englishcountryside #lifeafterlondon # WebMatrix 1.0

Albert Ball, decorated British flying ace during World War I. Died at the age of 20 while pursuing the brother of the infamous (and also dashing) Red Baron through a cloudbank. Submitted by agreeablecar

Sketchbook Idea. Form something new from what is already there. Be poetic!

from Mail Online

Kowloon Walled City: A rare insight into one of the most densely populated places on earth which housed 50,000 people

Inside the Kowloon Walled City where 50,000 residents eked out a grimy living in the most densely populated place on earth

Layers. Could be an interesting digital interactive layering experience with this. Lucas Simões

L'Assommoir - wanderthewood: Devon, England by wardo1984