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Nothing good in the newspaper today

slow loris... (adorable animal that should not, NOT be kept as a pet..the capture and sale of these animals is inhumane)

There’s A Sloth Institute Which Looks After Baby Sloths That Lost Their Moms

from sofeminine

Funny animals: Cute and hilarious photos

Mr.Darcy got caught in the rain today. What a guy

harry potter kawaii cat - Google-søgning I will always always always believe you in Sonny :D!!! IM HERE FOR YOU FOREVER [excuse capitals if you see this, its just im so fucking, sooooo fucKING happy happy today ProtectionPrayerLovecareProtectingeverAlways

Highly unlikely that I will stitch lines for stems, but I love this idea for making the flowers.

from Karboojeh Handmade

Inspiration: Ideas for recycling vintage book pages

Inspiration: Ideas for recycling vintage book pages « Karboojeh ♥ Handmade

Heard a good joke? This little guy is probably just yawning after spending most of his day asleep. Red pandas spend A LOT of time sleeping, a side effect of their low-energy diet of bamboo.