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Nothing good in the newspaper today

Nothing good in the newspaper today

Are somewhat longer than its legs. As a result of this length variation, it causes the American Bobtail to possess a slanted stance, almost as if they are slightly crouching at certain angles.

5 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

Camera on me when I sleep When will this end?

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

A cat can sleep anywhere. My favorite (although it's hard to choose!) is the cat sleeping on the hangers in the closet.

garden cats

Gardening tip: When planting cats makes sure to space them 6 inches apart so they have room to grow.

Chat en #lunettes  #sunglasses #eyeglasses

American Bobtail Cat Breeds and Information

This is a love letter to Matthew Inman who is the brains behind The Oatmeal His current smash bestselling book How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to You is brilliant but his infographics turn me into mush. It like he’s gone inside my brain and able to put what I know about cats onto paper better …

Best Infographic About Cats

Don't bug me...I'm reading.

What do you mean by "I don't have time to read?" - cat reading the newspaper


Cat and Kitten chilling in the sink! Reminds me of Tia always hanging out in the bathroom sink.