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15 terrifying stories kids tell babysitters while parents are out.

15 Terrifying Things Children Said To Their Babysitters funny kids scary creepy weird story humor interesting stories funny kids

Cats as fonts! [Fixed] Only type nerds would understand!

Cats as fonts! [Fixed]

Funny pictures about Cats as fonts. Oh, and cool pics about Cats as fonts. Also, Cats as fonts photos.

For most of the animals on this list, their long hair or fur evolved as a way to cope with the cold. Others were bred to have long hair, and some of these are not even capable of surviving on their own in the wild because of it like the Angora rabbit.

20 Animals With Marvelous Hair

Animals With Majestic Hair----Angora Rabbit. But is there a REALLY a rabbit under there? And if so, how much does it weight without all of this hair.

And that's pretty much it. Congratulations, you're dancing to dubstep! | How Do You Dance To Dubstep?

And that's pretty much it. Congratulations, you're dancing to dubstep!

dustep, drum and bass, edm, trance, electro = LIFE lmao simple how to!

<b>OK, this is kind of great.</b>

Someone Used A Cardboard Cutout Of The Rock To Make Some Really Hilarious And Totally Stupid Puns


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I was raised by wolves, too. Learned French, but not while I was in jail. Learned to shower safely there.

gotta loe RDJ

American correctional facilities are just not up to snuff or why I Robert Downey Jr.

Oh my goodness. Beyond precious!

Cute bunny with shopping cart full of baby carrots! Do do do just doing my thing

Funny pictures about Ron and his rat. Oh, and cool pics about Ron and his rat. Also, Ron and his rat photos.

"That Time" of the Month

I usually hate hate hate menstrual jokes, but this one made me laugh out loud! For real even! BEST PERIOD JOKE EVER!

We have rounded up some cool examples showing why Netflix really loves its users.

Sissons Sissons Mitchell Fellow Campbell Netflix will always be there for us!