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Now its been safely delivered to the client I can now...

from Perfect Wedding

Ultra Violets

I like how it is mainly purple, but with a little green and white showing through.

My familiar would never be a cat it is a Raven and Roses he does bring

Crows make a wide variety of calls or vocalizations. Crows have also been observed to respond to calls of other species

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Love this image! I have kept a poster of it in my studio since undergrad.

Willy Pogany Love this . Grew up with his book.

Purple & Black Perfume Bottle

mariasart1 on deviantART the Raven King -- this design for a Raven Tat tops them all by far!

The Cherokees believe that crows represent intuition and that they are messengers of the Great Spirit. I love crows. We have a lot them around here.