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More than 1.5% of the babies born in the United States in 2013 were IVF babies, according to the latest statistics from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology


Humans will be 'irrevocably altered' by genetic editing, warn scientists ahead of summit

An open letter from 150 scientists, campaigners and health experts is calling for a worldwide ban on genetic editing ahead of a summit in Washington

Various media outlets (including The Times(£), The Telegraph, BBC, The Independent and The Guardian) have pub...

Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor Genetically screening our offspring to make them better people is just 'responsible parenting', claims an eminent Oxford academic.

Next Generation Sequencing has the capability “to detect thousands of different genetic” patterns, including sex, hair color, eye color, and ...

Cook had entered in a contract in which she would be paid $33,000 to carry a baby conceived through IVF using a 50-year-old Georgia man’s sperm and a 20-year-old woman’s eggs.