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YESSS! Wait, so are the descendents of Sophie and Gideon? Then how to Alec get those blue eyes? I thought maybe they were from Cecily because they were Gabriel's and Cecily's descendents...

What's your Shadowhunter name? If I was a boy it would be Jonathan Lightwood and if I was a girl it would be Amatis Lightwood

Alaric wondered how she actually existed as he sipped their shared vodka. A girl as badass that she can drink more than all the guys and then tear their hearts out afterwards but still feminine with such a beautiful grace to her that's seductive and tantalising. Ric tries to imagine her human as she puts the bottle to her lips; the pale skin, dark hair, blue eyes and slender, cat-like form scream vampire and he just can't picture her anyway but this. Anyway but immortal.