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Stand Your GROUND

wisdom and courage

If Someone Seriously Wants To Be Part Of Your Life, They Will Seriously Make An Effort To Be In It

Actually your loss. My gain back to normality!!! Actually I said sorry last year after you invited me over. But I knew you wouldn't except it!!! Why???? Cause you were never sorry!!!!

Simplify Day 21

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." --Confucius | In The Next 30 Days

Quotes Of The Day - 12 Pics

Dear Lovely Girl, Sometimes we complicate things when they really are quite simple. Sometimes the answer to a problem, or the answer to a prayer is so very sweet and small and simple that we just can not believe that it could be true. Usually what's simple is true, beautiful girl. Usually the simple things are the very things that our hearts yearn for. Often the simple things are the things we are looking past, every single day -- looking for something more complex, something more…

Haha so true I don't think we know Snows actual last name but the people of Story Brooke call them the charmings so that could be her last name

Once Upon a Time Relationship Map <-- mostly pinning for the note about Rumplestiltskin

Sally's blog takes complicated theological ideas and boil them down to simple and practical truths. Great resource!

In Search of Simplicity: How to Start Living a Simple Lifestyle

In Search of Simplicity: How to Start Living a Simple Lifestyle | Living simply should be simple. Right? The truth is, living simply is a process and as such, you're always learning new ways to reduce the clutter, craziness and complications that seem to be the hallmarks of modern life.