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Stand Your GROUND

Stand Strong, too & Stand up for what you believe in ;) I forgot those ones : Jordan Sarah Weatherhead

I do this in my car alone, more than I care to admit. Not from road rage, but from built-up, internal rage.

addicted-to-wine: sirskia: See Sir it can be like therapy *innocent grin* I think I got this very advice from Lol Yes you did & it helps doesn’t it ?

Saving money, building up my funds to be completely debt free and travel America.

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You can live without the person you thought you couldn't live without.

My favorite quote.

Hey, remember that person you thought you couldn't live without? Well look at you, living & shit!


this morning the stars folded into the moon, sunk off in the horizon, and the sun rose just for you. so if you ever feel alone or doubt your self worth remember one thing: galaxies have shifted just for the chance to see you shine. so shine.

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I hope you dance, loved playing in the rain as a child and still do. Quote is from one of my favorite songs.