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"Your'e the bomb" Valentines gift for my chocoholic hubs--The dynamite was made from Rolo’s candy rolled with red paper. The wick is a bit of black licorice and the bundle is tied with some black pipe cleaner.

Packaging inspiration

Packaging inspiration

Inspired by the fact that the average European household consumes over a kilogram lbs) of chocolate every Easter, German design student Raphael Volkmer created a chocolate hand grenade called the “Calories Bomb”.

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Nerd Girl Problem Trying to impersonate Castiel, but sounding like Batman. <<< do you mean Dean?

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C3P0 iPhone Case iPhone Case by Brash Attack - $35.00

C3P0 iPhone Case iPhone Case by Brash Attack - $35.00

Battleship USB Hub

Battleship USB Hub

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purify your drinking water with a stick of charcoal. The Japanese have been doing it for centuries. Binchotan—a carbon made from tree branches—is renowned for its ability to soften water and absorb impurities, including chlorine.

Binchotan: Stick It

Over 22 billion plastic water bottles are discarded around the world every year. Lets reduce this by making tap water taste better and encourage people to stop buying bottled water.

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Funny pictures about Ron Swanson vs. a tooth ache. Oh, and cool pics about Ron Swanson vs. a tooth ache. Also, Ron Swanson vs. a tooth ache.