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The truth is hard to swallow when you're choking on your pride.

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Soccer was my life I currently am unable to play for the time being cause I'm going on my fifth knee surgery but I will never give up not with this passion


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Why wish upon a star? When you can pray to the ONE who created it.

This reminds me of the song by Disney, "Wish upon a star". But when we really think about it, why wish upon a star? When we can pray to the creator of all the stars.

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If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit.Never quit, Michael Jordan quote Haha that's my fockey number

I like this :)

Nine times out of ten, a real man will want a woman with a beautiful personality. any man who wants a sexy body, is just that. He just wants what your sexy body can do for him.

A relationship is a two way thing

“When two people really care about each other, they always find a way to make it work. No matter how hard it is.SO TRUE!