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Omg! I love that interview and FINALLY THERE'S A GIF FOR THIS!! XD

This is a gorgeous picture of Andy!! <3 <3

Even if I see a shirt of a band I don't listen to, I'll subconsciously grin inside and out just because there is someone out there wearing one. Heh.

the difference between an idiot and an idol<-----now that is the only way to describe the difference

He has an amazing laugh | Andy Biersack

-some child of satan and Nikki Six who has me under a spell. Or whatever my people called him. xD

boys-cute-boysFondness / Kindness / Tenderness Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack ❤️dat feather tattoo.... Nshsnuhnshunshunushnshunhudnuhdmijdmijsmij