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#ElenaShipsWeek Day 5 — Elena & Stefan❤️ [2x14] “Crying Wolf” I'm not a Stelena shipper but I thought this was pretty cute —

"if I was going to kill ten people, I wouldn't blow them up. I would have a dinner party." Vampire Diaries

“[2x14 Crying Wolf] Stelena & this scene was requested I used to ship them so much before like season 4. But even now, I still enjoy their scenes.”

“Okay, new theme. I'll keep this. - I'm going to spam today so comment requests! - Comment thoughts on this please. ”

“{Stelena Week Day 2} Stelena: Best Kiss. - THIS IS BY FAR THEE BEST OKAY? OKAY! - #beststelenaweek”

“[3x08] I love this scene so much. They're talking about Stefan , btw. Elena is such a defan shipper. #vampirediaries #elenagilbert #damonsalvatore…”

“[2x14] Stelena was goals in s1-3 then Delena took over plus Paul was so hot in this episode, so enjoy (:”