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These custom design Converse Shoes feature the classic Naruto’s Akatsuki’s wardrobe red could. The artist also has a HUGE variety of designs, all in amazing detail and are available in both men and womens.

Get your favorite characters sketched into a usable kitchen cutting board. Can pick from any of the designs or be creative and have a custom design made just for you!

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Combine cherished characters and series with your favorite pastime activity and ride a design you love! Can’t find a deck you fancy? Click ‘create’ and try not to freak out as you design your own ridiculously awesome custom skateboard! #anime #skateboard

This stylish 8-bit tie looks like what Mario would of worn to his high-school graduation. A pixelated design and jaggy edge completes the 8-Bit look with a clip-on format that makes it easy to wear with any shirt or t-shirt. #8bit #nintendo #tie

Doctor Who Converse 50th anniversary, Doctor Who Custom On Lacal Brand Shoes 62.99USD, Paint On Custom Converse Shoes Only 102.99Usd