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Fran Pullara - Motherhood - Committee Suit - I am one who didn't really know that much about infants when we adopted Joseph Michael on Aug. 13, 1962. He was six days old. I'm grateful to family and friends, Dr. Spock, and instinct. That's Joe and me on the day we brought him home.

SoulCollage - Grateful for Another Day Committee I am one who is 79 and well aware that I’m in the winter of my life. When I get maudlin about my own health problems and the illnesses and death of so many family members and friends, I love to retreat into the childhood I keep in my head. I was so innocent and trusting and filled with optimism and energy. I feel grateful I have had the long life I’ve had; I’ve gotten to see my children’s children. I’m grateful for another day and I am also…

The Childbearer Council I am one who never experienced pregnancy but I did raise three adopted children from birth to adulthood. I have had a lifetime of admiration for pregnant women; it’s a miraculous process. When my daughter gave birth to her daughter 29 years ago, I was the second coach in the delivery room along with the father. My daughter wanted me to experience childbirth since I had not done it myself. I am so grateful she gave me that gift. Motherhood itself is an overarching…

SoulCollage® Being My Own Valentine. Committee suit. After many years of cynicism about Valentines Day, I am the one who recently realized I am very happy being my own valentine.

This is called the Book Queen and the card is in the Committee suit. Go to http://redondowriter.typepad.com/sacredordinary/2015/05/soulcollage-birth-of-eve-and-the-book-queen.html for I am the one who statements.

SoulCollage card: Journey to the Center of a Woman - Committee suit I am the one who is drawn to all things feminine. In this card I am young and making a journey or road trip to a magical kingdom called Woman Land; I ride my pink motorcycle. This card is dedicated to my friend Eldonna aka Pink-a-Licious.

Committee. The Ecstatic Dancer. I am the one who remembers the years I went to Santa Monica to participate in movement expression, or ecstatic dance. It was one of the most freeing activities I've ever experienced.

SoulCollage®card by Fran aka Redondowriter. Mary and Jesus. Council suit. I am the one who is deeply drawn in all my forms of art to Mary, Sophia and the divine feminine. The Nativity story is one of my favorites.

The Crone. Council suit. I am the one who is grateful for the graciousness with which I have aged. I bitch and whine sometimes about pain and limitations, but I know I'm blessed to have made it to cronehood, though I sometimes miss the mark of a crone's blessed attributes.

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