As the rest of the country prepares for winter, the sun is still shining on California well into autumn where one can enjoy outdoor acitivites like kayaking and boating. Visit one of the beaches along San Diego's 70 miles of shoreline or spend a day with the family at a world-class amusement park such as the San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld. San Diego ...

Doggie Dentures - PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX® Commercial (put a dog in a commerical and I'm a "rabid" fan lol) <3

Rachel Bilson for Magnum Ice Cream (she's just the cutest young lady and the ice cream is not bad lol)

A group of friends throw a party unlike any other -- it's taking place inside a house that's sitting on the back of a moving truck. As the house travels down the road from dawn to dusk, everyone is dancing, painting their nails by the windowsill, piling shaving cream on each other's faces and drinking Bacardi rum that's being cooled in a bathtub full of ice... not to mention they get a delivery guy to hand them boxes of pizza while riding on his bike.

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