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Striking detail on our Anzer Grey Sandblasted Marble

Tiles are heavily textured, with a light grey background colour and white, ivory and black tones evident in the stone.

Silver Shadow Polished Marble Tiles have been polished to a glass finish, with a square edge. The tiles vary from light to very dark grey, with dark quartz veining.

Silver Shadow Polished Marble - Floors of Stone Tile Sizes (mm) Price/m² 305 x 305 x 10 610 x 305 x 12 610 x 610 x 15

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Lumber /Sauna designed by Avanto Architects from Helsinki Finland. It is built by simply laying massive logs over each other on a plot five by six meters.

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Oriental Mirror 760 x 760 mm

The Silver Shadow Honed Marble Tiles have a very light silver to grey background with darker quartz veining.

This popular marble tile has a beautiful soft silver grey background, with blended areas of warmer dark grey. Pink, bronze and blue/grey veining along with white quartz detail give the stone interest and the characteristics expected in marble.

bianco carrara marble tiles | Bianco Carrara C Marble Tiles

Bianco Carrara C Marble originates from Italy and has been used for centuries in classical building interiors and sculpture. Our Bianco Carrara is made up of a marble veneer on a porcelain back, making it durable and light.