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Fowl Language Comics #3 (Upworthy)

Never trust a house full of quiet kids

I'm pretty sure this happens a lot at our house lol

Ive sadly done this- I thought I was the only one!

And when they are overly tired, they are volatile.

What normal people are like when they're a little tired vs what small children are like when they're a little tired

Kids loosing things all the time.

When it comes to the ups and downs of parenting, sometimes you just have to laugh. That's why greeting card artist and dad of two Brian Gordon created Fowl Language Comics, a funny, sweet and often.



Easter Vs the Rest of the Year [fowllanguagecomics]

See also: Acorns. So many acorns. Bonus Panel Instagram

Save My Rock - Fowl Language Comics


17 hilarious parenting comics that are your life.

Life before and after children AKA Gallery of reasons not to have kids

No kids=lovely movie nights!