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Dylan O'Brien's Fame Gets in the Way of His Chipotle Runs

Hey im dylan. Im 18 years old. Im an actor. I like meeting new people and hanging out . (Secret is that he accidentally killed someone during a robbery and did some time for it)

He's too funny... Look at Kaya!

16 Things Beautiful People Have to Say About the Unimportance of Beauty

"Beauty standards in Hollywood are unacceptable. I often lose parts because I'm too ugly...on the inside." Anna Kendrick :) And if you Comment, Like, Re-Pin. Thank's! Repined by

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Kaya Scodelario sexy figure More

Dylan obrien in the maze runner; ugh! I just love him so much!!!

Adventures in synthetic biology

The Maze Runner Cast. I think that it is funny that thomas sangster is wearing an american flag shirt, when he's from the UK.