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My name is Baylin and I arrived at the Soi Dog shelter battling horrendous skin problems and struggling to use one of my legs. I had terrible mange all over my body which itched and hurt me terribly. I am only 11 months old and the world was a very scary place until I arrived here. Thanks to people like you, I got all the medical care I needed and am now ready to find a place where I can be safe forever. Please EMAIL

Benny arrived at our shelter after he was rescued from being permanently chained up. He was suffering from horrendous skin problems and was extremely emaciated. Thanks to people like you, we were able to keep Benny safe and provide him with the medical care and love that had been sorely lacking in his life. Please visit and commit to a small monthly gift that will change the world for thousands of animals each year.

UNLISTED. "Molly" Dalmatian & Beagle Mix • Senior • Female • Medium. Belmont County Animal Shelter Saint Clairsville, OH. Darling Molly was adopted 11 years ago & recently returned by her owner who had to move & couldn't take Molly. Her owner was terribly upset & did not want to leave her girl behind. We told her we would do our very best to find her a home where she will be equally loved and cared for. Molly is a sweet, spunky girl who only shows age on her face--she's still quite active!

Staff from the Naka Island Resort visited the shelter today to deliver donations of old towels and dog food. Old towels and sheets are always needed to help in the care of our dogs and cats in the shelter and in the clinic. Thank for for your generous donation. For enquiries on how to donate old sheets and towels, please contact

I came to Soi Dog recently with a leg wound and when Dr Sai examined me, she noticed I was not able to put weight on back right leg. I was sent for x-rays and it was found that I had a fracture in my leg bone, near my hip. No wonder I don’t want to walk on that leg!

Photo Diary: A Day at the Shelter with Wags and Walks

Basho came to the shelter with a terribly infected wound on his neck. It is unclear what caused it - the local people said he was attacked by someone - we will never know...

20 Ecstatic Shelter Dogs On Their Way Home For The First Time

20 Ecstatic Shelter Dogs On Their Way Home For The First Time. Sometimes Asia likes to "hold hands" like this.