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Woon Young

When I was in high school, I did this drawing of a ninja riding a dinosaur. Today I wanted to do a similar drawing just for pure fun! Hope you guys enjoy it and happy Ester :) - woonyoung


Alexander Nevsky & prince Sartaq, Batu Khan’s son Genghis’ kids - sons & daughters (except Jochi,his hair is too black) Nevsky. Just Nevsky Prince Ivan & the Wolf - russian folklore.

melkorwashere: “ First Age Melkor and Sauron - back from some elves slaying >:3 -My Lord. Busy with sitting on your black throne as always? bad phobs doing fan service again ” Oh my goooooood Phobs


Resultado de imagem para melkor and sauron phobs translated

Idk if he is a character of something or who´s the artist but it´s so beautiful

Bubble comics, Phobs, Demonslayer/Бесобой, Сатана, Ярх

Bubble comics, Phobs, Demonslayer/Бесобой, Сатана, Ярх

Dinosaurs doing Women's Sports. - Album on Imgur

Dinosaurs doing Women's Sports.

They participate the jump roping competition after the cosplay basketball match!