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Vathek & Cedric riding some monster creature they have mondays too…


AFA - art for adults - some inktober artworks by moon morrrr

inspirational-artists:  Inspirational Artists ◘  Pamikoo

thirdpartyoutsider: pamikoo: Someone asked for clocks. I’d be happier if Clock-girls became popular instead of jet-girls.

Anna Dittmann's Ethereal Portraits

Anna Dittmann’s Ethereal Portraits

tumblr_nlnpx0YZdu1t39jfto1_540.jpg (498×810)

tumblr_nlnpx0YZdu1t39jfto1_540.jpg (498×810)

tumblr_nukkadBaeJ1rl3tlpo7_540.jpg (540×375)

tumblr_nukkadBaeJ1rl3tlpo7_540.jpg (540×375)

tumblr_oq2a0yV5fb1qhttpto4_1280.png (1000×1254)

tumblr_oq2a0yV5fb1qhttpto4_1280.png (1000×1254)

Todd Lockwood's animated dragon would surely eat us, because we'd be too busy watching the perfect ripple of its wings to fight it.

We Could Watch This Graceful Dragon Animation For Hours

Birman Cat by Daily Cat Drawings  ★ Find more at http://www.pinterest.com/competing/

Birman Cat by Daily Cat Drawings ★ Find more at…

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