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5 Month Old Tries to FLY! [LeeshaVlogs]

5 Month Old Tries to FLY! [LeeshaVlogs]

JACOB'S 5 MONTH OLD BABY UPDATE! | Baby Food, Rolling Over, Sleeping Thr...

JACOB'S 5 MONTH OLD BABY UPDATE! | Baby Food, Rolling Over, Sleeping Thr...

Ever wondered if there’s something you were BORN to do? This free career quiz helps you figure out what it is.

Could This Quick Quiz Help You Find Your Dream Job?

Worried about how to pay for college, or how to graduate without a ton of student loans? Here’s a list of 100 college scholarships.

18 month old dancing to her favorite song by Beyonce - YouTube

Hi guys, here is a really nice remix on this wonderful song I would like by Zara Larsson.

This morning, 13-year-old honorary COVERGIRL and YouTube beauty guru, Talia Joy Castellano passed away surrounded by family and friends. After sharing her terminal cancer diagnosis with fans in March, Talia spent her final months inspiring her YouTube audience with her joy and passion for life. #‎TeamBeautiful‬ sends our prayers and well wishes to her family. She will forever be an inspiration to us! #‎prayfortalia‬ | HELLO BEAUTIFUL

RIP to the beautiful and inspirational Talia Joy. One of my favorite makeup gurus. You will be missed.

A list of 20 fun and easy waiting games for kids that you can play anywhere without screens. Stretch your brains while in line, on trips or in restaurants.

20 Waiting Games For Kids That Will Tickle Your Brain

In this archive you will find all of our chapter book lists. The chapter books cover a variety of levels, from easy readers to early chapter books as well as middle grade fiction and YA.

Very inspiring video:  Just one month after being diagnosed with leukemia, Chris Rumble decided to lift the spirits of fellow cancer patients at Seattle Children's Hospital with a little music.  The 22-year-old put his filmmaking skills to work and organized a video set to the tune of Kelly Clarkson's hit song "Stronger" to give children, teens, families and staff on his floor a little bit of motivation -- and a reason to sing at the top of their lungs.

WATCH: Cancer Patient Makes AMAZING Video To Lift Spirits At Children's Hospital

Sick kids from the hemoncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital performs Kelly Clarkson's song "Stronger.

My new little baby Clyde and Bonnie. Bonnie is front. I just adopted 3 baby Chi's to join my Clan of the Chi's. I now have 5. I was only going to get one more Chihuahua to add t our family, but the 3 were 4 and 5 months old and were bonded since birth. I just couldn't split them up.

Here is the Midwest's most feared couple, Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie is in the front with the reddish brown coat with white breast, and Clyde is behind her.

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Before you start feeding your baby homemade baby food, be sure to have a plan in place so you don't give up! Make up a schedule for introducing foods so your baby can experience new flavors.

Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girl -  Favorite Top Gifts

Best Gifts and Toys for 9 Year Old Girls

Award-Winning Board Game Electronics - Most Wanted Christmas Toys

The Race Against the Mammoth Car Pt 1 (+playlist)

My favorite Speed Racer episode when I was a kid. The Race Against the Mammoth Car Pt 1

Love......Life.......I highly recommend not taking your Spouse, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, or ANYONE, for that matter, for granted. Life is way to short to be grumpy and ticked off about such petty little things. STOP being MEAN! LOVE GOD and make HIM first and I promise you will NEVER regret it.   Love......Life...... and LOVE EVERYONE!

“ Katie and husband Nick knew before the wedding that Katie had terminal cancer but Nick vouched to marry the love of his life. With all her complications Katie planned every part of her.