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anime boy

anime boy

the rose of versailles versailles no bara gif

animeismywhore: “The Rose of Versailles, episode “Farewell, My Sister!

friendly-character-review:  This is one of those anime how to draw books, so it may not be the most accurate. It might help some people though. Keep reading

Here is a great example of how to draw holding hands. These examples show how one persons hand clasps over someones elses hand

This is a fan art based on the characters of Den Zelo, a short comic story of Go check out her comic pages!!! respuestaennegro.daportfolio.c…

I CAN SEE YOU based on the characters of Den Zelo, a short comic story of Mado Peña by Toni Infante

Zankyou no Terror fan art: Nine and Twelve (M: Awesome art, I have it as my wallpaper right now, I do not change it very often, but when I saw this art I was all like: "It's definitely going to my dashboard" )

Kokonoe Arata / Nine & Hisami Touji / Twelve - Zankyou no Terror / Terror in Resonance / this breaks my heart ;

The others all grin at Rin, but Rin and Haru merely smirk at each other with *that look.*    =^w^=

Notice how Haru and Rin smirk at each other before they race off . From episode 13 when the Samezuka pool is filled with water and cherry blossoms (Rin's dream) .

hehehe, who has Rei's glasses? wonder how he got them? they do get in the way when doing some things ...

aliasanonyme: “ sunyshore: “ From ~Star Night~ Memorial Illust Set! ” Thank you so much for the scans!

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 4164280, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Chiba Mamoru, Prince Endymion, Princess Serenity, Tsukino Usagi

Princess Serenity (Usagi) and Prince Endymion (Mamoru) by 咲夜アキ - Sailor Moon fanart