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Belgian Malinois vs Dutch Shepherd | Dutch Shepherd Pups available!

Are you looking for UKC or AKC registered Dutch Shepherd Puppies for sale as a family or protection dog?

Dutch Shepherd Colors | Since that one is a little light in color, here's a darker brindle dog ...

How Well Is Your Dutch Shepherd Groomed? The reason one should groom his/her Dutch Shepherd is simple - your dog's physical state.

I LOVE my Dutche :) The Dutch Shepherd. These dogs are mainly used for the military and police work.

The Dutch Shepherd. The Dutchies are very similar to the Malinois, in fact they are essentially the same breed. Just like the Mal, these dogs do not make good pets and are mainly used for the military and police work.

blue dutch shepherd

blue dutch shepherd, once we had one, the best guard dog we had, some bastard poisonned him, poor Reno bless him