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I absolutely love Beyonce's hair, it's so curly and long, I wish my hair could look like this!

Yonce - King Bey - My Sis || What a talent!!! Strip away the BS & she would still deliver every time. She defo goes in my musical hall of fame as the most consistent!!!


BANGS If you're growing out thick, heavy bangs (what up, Zooey Deschanel?), let them grow to your brows before pushing them to one side. "Once they get to eye length, let them separate in the middle and do that beautiful Gisele bang," says Roszak. (Alexa Chung is a noted master of this look, too.) "Have your hairstylist take the weight out of them so the ends aren't superthick and heavy," she adds.

Beyoncé is sure to stun on stage at this weekend’s Super Bowl halftime show just as she does on the red carpet. From curve-hugging gowns with eye-catching embellishment to playful prints and her signature oversized earrings, Bey is not afraid to go glam. http://fashionfix.net-a-porter.com/newsflash/style-icon-beyonce

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