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MODEL-HOMMES | Aleks Storm for Male Model Scene. PH: Rekhtman...


Fitwirr "8 Minute Abs" Workout for Women Poster

8 Minute Abs Workout Poster for Women. #AbsWorkout #exercise #fitness

French-African male model Cohé Paroix (guys, long hair, curly)

Muriel Vilela by Wong Sim. Wow!!! - wait a sec so I can pick up my mouth, thank you very much. emmmmm, emmmm, ummmm, heeheheheheee Dang!

Pedro Aurelian | ph. Ancira Adeon (via JOY MODELS)

from Ambitious Kitchen

Wellness Wednesday: 12 Healthy Post-Workout Snacks + When to Eat Them

12 Healthy Post Workout Snacks -- provides great options for refueling your muscles! Great options!

A moment of repose in our 4th of July weekend Pines share. Brockly claims he's unable to nap unless Lyndyn and Tanner provide atmosphere. #20BestFriends

From "Giorgio Armani Male Models" story by MommyFrazzled on Storify —

Clement Becq. I wonder if I could donate to his fav charity to run my hands thru his hair for just 5 mins?